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We are Positive Impact Makers


We boost the #PiMov, a community of Positive Impact Makers #PiMakers designed to empower, connect and inspire conscious People to increase Positive Impact.

PiM® – Positive Impact Management®

Our PiM® (Positive Impact Management®) services empower individuals, their organizations and social actions, generating a conscious economy for a sustainable planet: PiMindset®, PiMentoring®, PiMatching®, PiMarketing®, PiMedia® and PiMovement®.


YouTooday.com is a creative collaboration and communication agency to improve Positive Impact.

Our Mission

We improve Positive Impact through empowerment and worldwide visibility of those engaged in Social Good and Social Innovation.

Our Vision

A world that is equal for all – at an environmental, economic and social level – is what we want for our children and all future generations. We believe it is our responsibility as citizens of the world to support the planet’s sustainability. YouTooday is our grain of sand to achieve this.

Our Purpose

Empower, connect and inspire People (#PiMakers®) to increase Positive Impact for a conscious, sustainable and peaceful planet for all.

Our Values

Generosity, Humanity and Love for all human beings and the planet.

Visibility & Awareness

We disseminate and provide acknowledgment to People, Charities and Companies that are positively impacting the world.


We bring together a global community, thereby combining forces to generate a greater Positive Impact for a sustainable world.


We are strongly committed to acting honestly in a timely manner against any acts that put the quality of our actions to test.


We strive to be coherent and align what we think, what we say, what we do and what we communicate with our value system.

Respect & Authenticity

We respect the individuality of each Person, Charity or Company and what they contribute to the world.


We seek our planet´s environmental, economic and social sustainability by supporting causes that bring about a greater Positive Impact.


We are committed with ourselves to be more humans, in our daily conduct and in our society.


Integrity is the path to our truth; It is respect, responsibility, honesty, ethics. It is doing the right thing for what we think is the right thing to do.