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About Us


At YouTooday we believe in people and in the thriving force of passion and values, reinforced by the purpose of life of each person. We create a movement that generates positive change on the planet, because we know that together we can generate a powerful force capable of creating a sustainable world for all. Alone, we can generate Positive Impact, but together, Positive Impact is much greater and able to reach much further: Together we are limitless.

Our Dream Team

We are based in Barcelona, Spain, and in the Ivory Coast.

We are a team of Positive Impact Makers #PiMakers with Positive Impact Mindset.

Together we are limitless!

Jeannette MeierFounder & CEO

I have learned many things throughout my life and I hope it’ll continue like this. I also can now say that I have found a purpose in my life: I want to lead a movement that generates positive impact over the planet. I know I cannot do it alone, and I am sure that individually we do not reach the common good. But we have to start from ourselves and expand our positive impact to our society and environment. That is why I have founded YouTooday.

Melba ValéryGlobal Marketing & Management Africa

Xavier PrattGlobal Creative Director

Sara CodinaCommunity Builder & Events Manager

Collaboration is in our DNA

Our collaborative model is a win-win relationship that strengthens our work and results by uniting our experiences and capabilities to achieve our mission and common goal.
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