Corydoras Puts on its Rubber Gloves for a Triple Positive Impact


“My biggest wish is for the earth to be less polluted” – Arthur D. (age 6)

The idea of a clean environment is for many a goal worth striving for, but particularly for Arthur De Dinechin who at the age of only 6 wrote down in a friendship book his deepest aspiration of our planet to be less polluted. Today, the 27-year-old is about to realise his dream by making a sustainable and positive impact for all kinds of beings in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

As Head and Founder of Corydoras, Arthur has set himself the mission of cleaning the streets from plastic waste to improve environmental conditions for present and future generations in their natural habitat. Starting in Abidjan, this project is designed to expand soon onto any ground on earth where it can make a difference and have a visible and sustainable impact on the environment.

Corydoras distinguishes itself from the local plastic processing and recycling market by its big-scale focus and the targeting of both “clean” business and domestic waste, as well as “dirty” plastic lying around all over Abdjan.

Also, Corydoras reveals a special edge by its threefold positive impact in environmental, social and economic regards.

Environmental cause

To ensure a clean environment, the project aims to reduce the devastating impact of plastic pollution on nature. The idea is hence to pick up the plastic waste and to process it for further use.

Economic cause

Corydoras recruits a maximum number of garbage collectors or simply people who wish to increase their earnings. Indeed, everyone can pick up plastic waste. At the end of a working-day, the recyclable material is sorted out, weighed and the harvesters are paid according to the amount of plastic they have collected each.

By creating these jobs, Corydoras provides access to better living standards for its employees and, more particularly, for poor citizens as they are also the most affected by the pollution in their direct living environment.

Social cause

Lastly, the project equally promotes a social benefit to society. The resulting clean and protected environment achieved by Corydora may eventually increase people’s health

For the anecdote, the term “Corydoras” denotes a swarm fish species which is particularly known for cleaning up its biosphere. As a water and nature enthusiast, Arthur could not have found any better namesake and inspiration for this project. Just as the swarm fish, however, it will take more than just one individual to help making Arthur’s deepest and utterly selfless childhood dream come true. YouTooday is delighted to assist him in his project and to give to you also, as like-minded readers, the opportunity to join the shoal and support him in his crowdfunding campaign on kisskissbankbank.

Let us all kick it off with a big bang! Because Together We Are Limitless.