From nothing to SOMETHING ...


Enterprising and Dynamic Women ARE Back!

Thus goes the slogan of the 4th edition of the International Forum of Dynamic Women Entrepreneurs (FIED 2018) to be held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, July 6 and 7, 2018.

The YouTooday team in Africa is proud to support and participate in this major event in the continent and unique in its mission to facilitate FOR women project leaders of all social origins TO MEET international personalities from all horizons.

It is thanks to its founder, Djelika YEO,  a resilient fighter for Women RIGHTS in Ivory Coast and Africa, that this event will take place ONCE MORE under the patronage of the Ministry of Women, the Protection of Children and Solidarity of Ivory Coast, AND with the support of UN Women and the First Ladies of the African continent as well as other famous guests coming from Africa and Europe.

During the two days of the FIED, GENDER ISSUES WILL BE ADRESSED to encourage women’s entrepreneurship in Africa, to strengthen advocacy AND to facilitate women’s access to financial resources and promote women’s empowerment. 

The aim is for women to actively contribute to national and international markets for inclusive, participatory, equitable and sustainable development.

It shall be noted that, women who stand out on economic development actions are mostly originally from the rural world and they thus become the pride of Africa and of Ivory Coast.

YouTooday will be there to support and commit to their true value in society, and you?

Together we are limitless!

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