Introducing The Tribe Goa project

*Picture by The Tribe Goa

*Picture by The Tribe Goa

We met with Alex Carpenter, founder of The Tribe Goa. This is a creative eco-project based in the Western Ghats of India, one of the world’s eight richest biodiversity reservoirs.

Alex is an active conservationist and environmentalist. He is passionate about nature and a specialist in snake and reptile rescue. He is searching for innovative ways to engage people on our planet and show the importance of nature.  We were happily surprised by his alignment to our way of seeing the world and the changes we actively can do now to improve our communities, and ultimately, our planet.

The project is striving to reduce the conflict between humans and nature and to explore sustainable solutions through music, arts and creativity. They create a space where humans, wildlife and plants can coexist and nurture each other. Since January 2017, their mission has been to rewild nearly 60,000 m2 of former cashew plantation and transform a disturbed, mismanaged piece of forest back into a thriving, self-sufficient eco-reserve creative hub.  

The jungle hub is not just a music venue, a guesthouse and a vegetarian cafe. It’s an off-grid forest village that includes spaces dedicated to art, sustainable innovation and eco-design. The space is intended as a meeting place for thinkers, doers, creatives and activists as well as a safe space for nature lovers and city dwellers to experience harmony, fulfilment and balance within nature. It’s a centre for workshops and retreats, alternative medicine and yoga.   

Having been there, and personally having met part of the team and been shown around by Alex, who passionately explained to us what they do, why they do it and how they do it, has positively impacted us. This is a project that is definitively defined by the people who are behind it; a great example of passion and purpose. Alex wants to connect and engage with others who have the same dream to empower them to do the same, because he understands the importance of collaboration: together we are limitless!