Profit & Purpose® are partnering with us @YouTooday®!


OUR FRIENDS PROFIT & PURPOSE® HAVE COME TO YOUTOODAY®: We are so excited they are partnering with us!

Profit & Purpose® are two figures which are very important to us.

Through their work, you and us, will understand the importance of adding social purpose to our business models: mainly, we will see that the benefits of our companies can increase tremendously.

Today’s consumers want businesses to be environmental friendly and socially responsible. We, at YouTooday, consider that this should be embedded into the companies’ DNAs.

Profit & Purpose® will interview CEOs, Founders, etc of organisations applying the “magic formula” of social purpose to their business models. They will also share with us interesting business facts and jargon which is usually difficult to understand (at least for us!).

We hope that you are equally excited about this new partnership as we are!

You’ll find more info about their work on their website and on our YouTooday social media accounts!

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