Improvement of your communications through Positive Impact Marketing®: from branding to product development, marketing & communication campaigns, content strategy, community management.

We create value for your business by supporting you in the definition and execution of your Marketing and Communication strategy, highlighting your Positive Impact through your social and / or environmental actions.

A strategy is the process of articulating the vision, goals and opportunities, as well as people, technology and initiatives to execute them.

We enable you to develop and execute a Marketing and Communication strategy that recognizes the importance of your activity and the positive changes on the planet that it generates.

Organizations (Companies, NGOs, Social Enterprises, etc) cannot thrive unless People and Planet are thriving. We use the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) to speak a common language and to show your Positive Impact and involvement in social and / or environmental actions.

PiMarketing® is a service that integrates the traditional marketing options and also the latest in digital marketing, including SEO (Search Optimization Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing and Digital or Web Analytics.

Through a creative and compelling Marketing and Communication strategy, we will achieve to:

  • Inspire and motivate employees

  • Promote recognition and appreciation by the consumers

  • Consolidate the confidence of the stakeholders

  • Produce original advertising material based on transmedia storytelling

  • Making an even greater difference for our planet


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