The Art of Exposing Yourself


We are living in an age in which we should practice some Radical Transparency. Secrets are not what they used to be. We all know that. So in an era where all the dirt can be dug up, no matter what, the smartest move can be to open wide the doors of our own skeleton's closet. 

That approach surely worked well in 2018 for Arizona gubernational candidate Noah Dyer. He's a truly innovator. And a gutsy fella because... it's not very common to go to a politician's official website and have the chance to click on a section called "Scandal and Controversy". 

Intrigued? Don't worry, you won't have to stop reading this right now to go check it put for yourself. The summary of this content is: 

Noah has had both deep and casual sexual experiences with all kinds of women and he's even had group sex and had been naughty with married women. Oh, and I almost forgot about it... he also shot his own sextape. 

Paws -or thumbs if you're human- up!!!!  This guy has a pair. And he's an unlikely teacher that taught us a lesson about how you can stay 2 steps ahead of your rivals. That confession is a double-edged strategy. He showed the world that he's an honest man with nothing to hide. Exposing himself -pun intended- makes him more human and it is very likely that part of his electorate has been involved in similar shenanigans, especially during their college days. 

And most important, he completely owns this narrative because he had the luxury to tell it himself, without risking to be exposed in the future by a tabloid-like website. 

That's the very definition of a win-win situation, Go Noah! 

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Conducted by X.P.

Conducted by X.P.